Visual Riddles: Grocery Store

You can be assured that, at least once, in the near or distant past, some quantity of cash was sucked under the conveyor belt…


Or was it?  It is not hard to envision some second-rate grifter claiming that “My money!  It was right there!  What happened to it?  Did you turn on the Conveyor Belt?  Why did you do that?”

Or maybe it really happened.  Either way, what did they do?  Did they take apart the till belt for the sake of $20? Were there people waiting in line?  Did the bill only get halfway stuck, and then they had to struggle to get it out without ripping it?  Was there a line of people, waiting for their turn, like the sword in the stone?

A part of me wishes I could have been there, but I bet everyone standing in line with their milk and croutons were absolutely ruing the day.  Just ruing it.

But another question arises — Does that sign absolve them of responsibility?  Like, the next person that loses their money in the conveyor belt, is that money just gone?  “Oops!  Should have read the sign!  It’s gone now!  Nope, we’re not responsible.  Didn’t you read the sign?”  Maybe they’d start tricking it out with some kind of vacuum suction and magnets for loose change, and at the end of every month they’d open it up and throw a big party with the conveyor belt money.  From there I suppose you could just program little robots that sneak into purses and just snatch the money, as an extension of the conveyor belt.  It’s a blurry line, absolving yourself of responsibility of the actions of your machine!

I believe that someone should make a joke that plays on the words ‘rue’ and ‘roo’.  That is an open invitation for submissions.

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