Visual Riddles: Vancouver

A sharpie, a cleaver, and a toy plane in the middle of the sidewalk.  There’s a good chance this story didn’t have a happy ending…

It’s that big space in the middle of everything, with nothing in it, that ends up being the most intriguing…

You can expect to see a lot of strange things in Downtown Vancouver — and a bunch of stuff on the ground isn’t generally noteworthy — but something here caught my eye, and my friends went on ahead.

A cleaver and a toy plane?  Also note the broken strap, and is that a baby bottle?  I couldn’t get a much closer look because when I stopped to take a picture, an abrassive woman came charging at me, asking what I was doing.

It seemed possible that this was her stuff, and that this section of the sidewalk was her home, and she thought I was trying to take her stuff.  “I’m taking a picture of all this cool stuff!” I saidd enthusiastically.  She looked around and agreed, and then insisted on posing with the ‘cool stuff.’

I probably should have kept that photo, but I did not.  She promptly left, and I was able to take the photo you see here.  But I had to hurry, because apparently no one else thought that this scene was cool enough to delay sushi, nor was I worth waiting up for.

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